PASOs for Parents


PASOs for Parents is a six-week, culturally and linguistically tailored series designed to meet the needs of Latino families. Using the evidence-based Triple P curriculum, the primary goal of PASOs for Parents is to prevent first-time incidences of child neglect and abuse among the children of program participants.  Parents of children under 12 years old are guided by a Community Health Worker in identifying goals that promote healthy, happy, and safe children. Families receive follow-up support to ensure progress.

Why is it important?

  • Immigrant families face unique stressors which have significant cognitive, developmental, and psychological effects on their children.
  • According to Salud America!, 4 in 5 Latino children suffer a life-changing trauma such as poverty, neglect, abuse, or household dysfunction.
  • According to KidsCount, between 1990 and 2016, South Carolina has seen over 900% growth in Latino children under the age of 15

What have been the results?

  • Since 2013, 320 parents of over 760 children have benefitted from the program.
  • Upon completion of our 6-week course, an average of 9 out of 10 parents demonstrate significant knowledge gain related to resources where they can get help with housing, medical care, food options, and maternal/child services.
  • Families have expressed that the strategies learned in the program resulted in stronger relationships with their children and improved performance in school.

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