Pediatric Literacy Program (a collaboration with Reach out and Read)

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In this partnership with Reach Out and Read of the Carolinas, a  PASOs Community Health Worker (CHW) meets with families when they visit their pediatric clinic to talk about reading with their young children. Parents are supported with strategies to read with their children and to connect with their local library.  Serving as a cultural bridge between the clinic and the family, CHWs direct families to additional resources for their young children’s health and well-being. These resources could include child oral health, family planning, domestic violence, safe housing, material needs and benefits such as SNAP, WIC and Medicaid.

Why is it important?

  • The most critical window for rapid brain development occurs in a child’s first five years of life.
  • Child language development can be dramatically altered within 3-6 months.
  • Families that read aloud equip their children for school readiness.

What have been the results?

  • In a year’s time, 335 children have benefitted from the literacy program.
  • 270 families have achieved their goals which include: attaining a library card, going to the library every two weeks, and attending library community events.
  • Over 100 children and parents have successfully connected to needed medical services, specialty care, and resources to decrease food insecurity.

This program is offered in:
Greenville Area 
Low Country
Tri-County Area

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