Department of Social Services (DSS)

Orangeburg County DSS
2570 St. Matthews Rd.
Orangeburg, SC 29118
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

(803) 531-3101 Main
(803) 531-2045 Fax
(803) 515-1829 Foster Home Licensing
(803) 515-1700 Report Child & Adult Abuse/Neglect
(803) 531-2045 SNAP/Family Independence (Fax)
(803) 515-1852 Adoptions
(803) 515-1818 Intensive Foster Care & Clinical Services
(888) 839-0157 Region 5 Kinship Care

Report Abuse:
(803) 531-3101 (Press 2)
After Hours Reporting:
(803) 534-3550 Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department

DSS provides the following services:

  • Adoption
  • Child Care Services
  • ABC Child Care Program- voucher program makes payments to providers to care for low income children so parents care work
  • Head Start- Comprehensive school readiness program for kids 0-5 years old to ensure they start school ready to learn.
  • Child Support Enforcement- helps to establish paternity and enforce court orders for child support
  • Disaster Response-  mass shelter, feeding, first aid and family well being during disasters
  • Domestic Violence Assistance- to provide emergency shelter and battering intervention services
  • FamilyIndependence (FI) - Family Independence is a time-limited program that assists families with dependent children when families cannot provide for their basic needs.
  • RefugeeResettlementProgram (RRP) - The Refugee Resettlement Program is established to help newly arriving population of refugees become self-sufficient in the shortest timeframe following their arrival in the United States.
  • Father Registry- gives a man who has fathered a child the right to be notified when an adoption or termination of paternal rights occurs.
  • Food Assistance Programs- Summer Food Service Program, Emergency Shelters Food Program, The Emergency Food Assistance Program, Senior Farmers Market Nutrition, Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • SupplementalNutritionAssistanceProgram (SNAP) - The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, serves as the foundation of America’s national nutrition safety net, working to end hunger and improve the health of low-income people by helping families buy the food they need for a nutritionally adequate diet.
  • Protection Services- Adult Protective Services, Domestic Violence Support, Child Protective Services
  • Safe Haven for Abandoned Infants- if you are concerned about being able to care for your new born baby the state provides alternatives to abandoning your baby
  • Foster Care Services