Important Information on Public Notaries and Immigration Lawyers to Prevent Fraud

public notary

The Consulate General of Mexico in Raleigh has received reports of fraud committed by some public notaries in the United States. In response, information was released about the different functions of a public notary and an immigration lawyer to prevent fraud.

Do you know what the functions of a public notary in the US are?
In the US a public notary is not a lawyer. A notary is a person that is at the signing of documents and certifies the identity of those signing, but they cannot fix your immigration situation or any other legal situation that you encounter. Go to your consulate and get information about immigration lawyers and certified organizations that provide immigration services.

Who is who in immigration matters?

  • They are not lawyers.
  • They cannot resolve your immigration situation or any other legal situation you encounter.
  • They have certified notary power.
  • They are present at the signing of documents.
  • They certify the identity of those signing the documents.

Immigration Lawyers:

  • They provide advice and legal representation in any immigration matters.
  • Make sure you use a reliable lawyer; you can check the website of the bar that certified them to see if there have been any disciplinary problems.
  • You can also use the following page to find an immigration lawyer:

Representatives of the Office of Legal Access Program (OLAP) - Formerly Board of Immigration Appeals

  • They work for a non-profit organization.
  • They can help you to complete forms.
  • They provide immigration counseling.
  • They recommend lawyers.
  • They can represent you in from of the Department of Homeland Security (including your USCIS interview).
  • Some are credible for representation before the immigration court.

Do you need an immigration orientation?

Only an immigration lawyer or a non-profit organization is authorized by the “Office of Legal Access Program” (OLAP before BIA) to help you make an immigration diagnosis. Verify that the lawyer you chose has a valid license to offer services. You can go to the Center of Defense of your consulate and they can recommend lawyers to obtain a reliable and free immigration diagnosis. If you need legal advice on immigration, consult an immigration lawyer or an organization that is certified to provide immigration services by the Office of Legal Access Program (OLAP). Sometimes notaries promise you that they can help you to resolve your immigration situation by offering services, but they cannot do that. Get informed with your consulate!