Clinic-Community Bridge for Family Health


Community Health Workers (CHWs) are housed within community health centers or health clinics and may be focused on general health, women’s health or pediatric health. Their role is to serve as the connecting point between Spanish-speaking patients of the health center, the providers who care for them, and the Latino community at large. Due to his or her affiliation with the Latino community and status as a trusted source of help and information, the CHW is able to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps that exist between Latino patients and providers, facilitate higher quality and culturally competent care, and support Latino families in connecting to resources that improve their overall health and well-being. The CHW also spends time in the community, offering an easily accessible access point to reach those who may not yet be connected to our network of resources in order to offer resources and serve as a source of support.

This program is offered in:
Tri County 
Greenville Area 

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