Greenville Area


Greenville Referral Form

PASOs in Greenville began in 2009 through a partnership between the University of South Carolina and the Greenville Health System (GHS). The Program Coordinator is strategically partnered with various departments within GHS, including the OBGYN Center, the Center for Pediatric Medicine and the Accountable Communities Initiative.

PASOs in Greenville Area offer the following programs:
Pediatric Literacy Program  
PASOs Health Connections

To find out more about these topics, contact Rut Rivera, Program Coordinator at
864-395-9443 (cell) or 864-522-1415 (office) or email her at:

Guillermo Martinez, Community Health Worker at
864-434 2748 (cell) or 864-220-2013 (office) or email him at:  

Sebastian Villacis, Community Health Worker at
864-399-3797 (cell) or 864-522-5318 (office) or email him at sebastian@scpasos.orgghs




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