Family and Community Health

PASOs in Your Community

The PASOs Family and Community Health Programs offer the following services:

  • Education for individuals and families on family health and prevention Click here for information on PASOs educational topics.
  • Prenatal education for expectant women and their support persons on how to have healthy pregnancies and babies. Click here for more information.
  • Community health outreach on women’s and family health topics
  • Connection to needed resources
  • Support and solution-finding for individuals and families
  • Partnerships with organizations to increase access to health care and other resources
  • Cultural competency consulting and training
  • Leadership development of community-based leaders

[intlink id="5736" type="page"]Aiken[/intlink]

South Carolina Hispanic Outreach, in partnership with PASOs, facilitates the PASOs health education curriculum in Aiken, SC. Contact Fredeswinda Perez at 803-543-5523 for more information!

[intlink id="62" type="page"]Beaufort and Jasper[/intlink]

The PASOs Program in Beaufort and Jasper Counties began in 2009 through a collaboration with the Together for Beaufort-Adequacy of Prenatal Care Coalition and the March of Dimes. The program is located at and supported by the Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Health Services.

[intlink id="436" type="page"]Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley[/intlink]

PASOs in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Counties began in 2010 through a partnership with the College of Nursing of the Medical University of South Carolina. The program is part of the Hispanic Health Initiative.

[intlink id="68" type="page"]Coastal Plain (Clarendon and Williamsburg)[/intlink]

The PASOs Program in Clarendon and Williamsburg Counties was begun in 2010 by the Coastal Plain Rural Health Network in the Pee Dee Region of SC. Major partners include Clarendon Memorial Hospital and the March of Dimes.

[intlink id="64" type="page"]Greenville[/intlink]

The PASOs Program in Greenville began in 2009 through a partnership between the University of South Carolina and the Greenville Hospital System. The program is housed at the GHS Obstetrical Center and works together with the Hispanic Folic Acid Project.

[intlink id="66" type="page"]Richland and Lexington[/intlink]

The PASOs Program in Richland and Lexington Programs was the original PASOs site that began in 2005 with a community grant from the March of Dimes at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital. It is now part of the Arnold School of Public Health at USC and partners closely with the Consortium for Latino Immigration Studies.

[intlink id="70" type="page"]Saluda, Newberry and Edgefield[/intlink]

The PASOs Program in Saluda, Newberry and Edgefield Counties began in 2009 through a partnership with South Carolina Hispanic Outreach and their funding partner, the South Carolina Chapter of the March of Dimes. Now the program is housed at the Arnold School of Public Health at USC.

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