Preconception Health Initiatives

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PASOs Preconception Health Outreach and Education Strategy

Research indicates a great need for preconception health education in South Carolina.

  • Reproductive health disparities can be most effectively addressed before pregnancy occurs.
  • The newly immigrated Latino population has high fertility rates and low access to reproductive health information and services, resulting in significant disparities.

PASOs is responding to the need by incorporating a preconception health outreach and education strategy into its program model using best practices and community input.

Strategy Priorities

  • Folic Acid in preventing Neural Tube Defects (NTDs)
  • Reproductive anatomy
  • Methods of contraception
  • Family planning and pregnancy spacing
  • Access to health care services

Preconception health Strategy Components

  • Culturally Appropriate Messages
  • Community Outreach
  • Health Education Workshops
  • Engaging Materials
  • Community Health Workers (Promotores)
  • Partnership with Greenwood Genetic Center for Folic Acid Promotion

Future Plans for preconception health Strategy

  • Promotores will take preconception health messages to their communities and help connect their peers to resources and services
  • Media campaigns, such as radio soap operas, to increase the reach of the preconception health messages
  • Work in partnership with health care providers, particularly FQHC’s
  • Continue evaluation of culturally appropriate messages for various audiences, such as men and adolescents

For more information on PASOs Preconception Health Strategy, contact Margarita Franco or Lucy Willms .

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