Maternal Child Health Connections and Support


PASOs provides culturally-tailored prevention education, support, and resource navigation for women of child-bearing age, women who are pregnant, and families after the birth of a child in order to address health disparities and improve outcomes for Latino mothers and babies in our state. Community-based CHWs work through local organizations and community outreach and form trusting relationships to help participants navigate maternal, child, and reproductive health care services; overcome obstacles to attending prenatal and postpartum appointments; manage pregnancy-related stress; enroll in the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) nutritional program; provide resources for breastfeeding and newborn care; discuss the benefits of taking folic acid vitamins; obtain a family planning method of their choice; and work towards other personal and family goals.

Choose Well, a contraceptive access initiative in South Carolina, has partnered with PASOs in its goal to decrease unintended pregnancies across the state. Under this initiative, CHWs conduct community outreach to the Latino population and provide education on contraceptive use, while connecting community members to contraceptive care services. PASOs also works on systems change and capacity building of service providers (FQHCs, family planning clinics) to make sure they can effectively serve Latino patients as well. Learn more about Choose Well here.

This program is offered in:
Geenville Area 
Low Country
Tri County Area
Saluda, Newberry and Edgefield 

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