Organizational Capacity Building


PASOs, in collaboration with USC Consortium for Latino Immigration Studies and other partners, provides educational workshops and professional trainings for health care providers, professional organizations, community outreach workers, community advocates, and organizations that serve or plan to serve Latino families. These workshops can be customized according to the preferences and resources of the organization.

Educational offerings through contracts and collaborations address a variety of topics including:

  • Organizational assessment tools that will help an organization improve the work you do with Latino families
  • The history of immigration of Latino communities to the United States
  • The socio-demographic characteristics of Latino communities in South Carolina
  • General characteristics of the Latino culture
  • Latino cultural views on health care, mental health, oral health, family violence, communication with health providers, and maternal and child health issues.
  • Immigrant rights and tools for advocacy
  • Issues around access and barriers to care for the Latino communities of South Carolina.
  • Suggested best practice methods for working with Latino individuals and families
  • Concrete tips for improving service provision to Latinos
  • Program development from a grass-roots perspective
  • How and where to find resources for the Latino community in SC

Technical Assistance
PASOs contracts with organizations to provide technical assistance to work with the Latino communities of South Carolina. Some of the aspects PASOs assists with are:

  • Development of a comprehensive plan to serve the Latino community
  • Development of outreach plans for the Latino community
  • Organizational assessment of cultural competence and strategies to improve the services for the Latino community
  • Assistance building your organizations strengths and working around your organizations challenges
  • Troubleshooting


Local Resources