What PASOs believes in


Education is PASOs’ most cherished value, and central to all the work we do. At PASOs, we believe that knowledge is power, and by helping our community expand their abilities, thoughts, and attitudes, we can assist them in improving their quality of life. Our Promotores strive to ensure workshops, classes, and every intervention interests the community, and our participants know about all resources available to them. In addition, each interaction with our communities expands our own reserves of knowledge. To us, education is the foundation of a successful life. It opens the doors to socialization, progress, growth, and freedom.


Trust is another essential component in our work with South Carolina’s Latino communities. We take great measures to ensure all of our participants are treated with the respect, confidentiality, and dignity they deserve. PASOs strives to be transparent in and honest about all we do, so we can continue to have a secure relationship with the families we serve. We pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy in order to guarantee we are receptive to the needs of our participants, and emphasize “confianza,” or developing interpersonal relationships through mutual reciprocity and experience. The families we serve are not our clients but are instead participants in our mission and crucial to our success.

Community Integration

PASOs believes in building on the assets offered by our community partners, sponsors, and participants and work towards integration of ideas, projects and solutions. Our Promotores strive to be present and engaged in Latino neighborhoods and attentive to the needs our participants have, so we can work together to find a compromise that helps usher in development and positive growth. Nothing we do would be effective without the talents of all those who help us achieve our goals, and we are proud to move forward as long as we move forward together.


Our entire PASOs team endeavors to be excellent in all we do. We provide high quality services to our participants and do our jobs in the best way possible, all while remembering our central goal: healthy children, prepared families, and strong communities. Not only do we work hard every day to meet the needs of our participants, but we hold in high regard any feedback we receive. We know we make mistakes, but we use them as opportunities for improvement, and make any necessary changes in order to continue striving for excellence from production to execution to evaluation.


PASOs believes family is the heart of society, and we strive to ensure it is strong and healthy. Good family education is vital in ensuring a positive future for our children, and we value family as a crucial support system and source of love and stability. We know family is a central cultural value for many of our participants as well, and this makes it even more important to us. PASOs respects families of all creeds, shapes, and sizes, and works to serve them all. We also make an effort to treat all members of our PASOs team and our participants as family by sticking together and ensuring everyone has the space to share their own unique talents and skills with South Carolina.


Last, but definitely not least, PASOs values equity in all we do. We raise awareness about discrimination and disparities while working to improve the status of Latinos in South Carolina, so that every person has an equal chance to be healthy and successful without discrimination or unequal treatment based on race, nationality, language, documentation status, or other classification. PASOs believes in justice, fairness, and treating our participants with the dignity they deserve. Everyone merits the opportunity to grow strong and happy to achieve their goals; we work hard every day to make that happen.

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