Tri-County Area (Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester)


Tri County Referral Form

PASOs in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Counties began in 2010 through a partnership with the College of Nursing of the Medical University of South Carolina. The program is part of the Hispanic Health Initiative.

PASOs in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties offers the following programs:

Connections for Child Development

Maternal Child Health Connections and Support 

Clinic Community Bridge

To find out more about these topics or the programs PASOs offers contact:

Virginia Vedilago, Program Coordinator  at 843-792-4362 or, Mirian Rivera, Community Health Worker at 843-323-8160 or, Martha Gomez  Early Childhood Resource Specialist at, Lorena Cervantes, Early Childhood Resource Specialist  at  843-998-9634 or and Sarah Mahonski, AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer  at 843-792-4362 or



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