PASOs works with agencies, organizations and coalitions to make sure that they are serving Latino patients and clients effectively. As advocates for their communities, PASOs brings forward the perspective of Latino families and brings ideas for change to decision-makers. Through a process called “bridge building,” PASOs facilitates communication between the Latino communities of our state and resource providers so that services are delivered more effectively and in a culturally sensitive way. Through this process, PASOs hopes to – improve health equity for the Latino community, while addressing social determinants that affect health (i.e. conditions in which people are born, live, their age, etc.); support the growth and development of the Community Health Worker workforce; increase the Latino community’s involvement in decision-making; and promote justice, equality and care for immigrant populations.

Why is this important?

  • Non-English speakers, ethnic minorities, and low-income populations are proportionately affected by health inequities – differences in health outcomes among groups of people.
  • There are various barriers to accessing health care affecting the Latino community such as fear, discrimination, and level of English language proficiency.
  • PASOs addresses these issues through our culturally and linguistically appropriate evidence based programs.

What is the impact?

As of 2016:

  • 35 organizations worked with PASOs to make policy to improve care and services for Latino communities.
  • 4,400 individuals were connected to resources that help them thrive in South Carolina.

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