Organizational Capacity Building

PASOs bridges the Latino community and service providers to better understand the strengths and needs of families in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way. This initiative strategically fortifies infrastructure through capacity building which involves an assessment of resources, developing strategic plans with measurable goals, ongoing technical support, and cultural competency/humility workforce development trainings that cover race, diversity, equity and inclusion. PASOs provides custom tailored support in and for a variety of settings utilizing established best practices for working with Latino communities

Over 1,500 professionals received PASOs’ workforce development training in 2019

Over 1,00 professionals received PASOs’ workforce development training in 2020

Over 1,000 professionals received PASOs’ workforce development training in 2021

Custom tailored activities are planned and implemented to best reach and serve Latino families including:

  • Cultural Competency/Humility, Implicit Bias, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Workforce Development Training
  • Bilingual Proficiency Certification for staff
  • Facilitated Outreach Events in local community settings
  • Webinar and Video Conference Staff Training and Networking
  • Community Voice Bringing through representation on committees, boards, and workgroups
  • Coordinate and conduct focus groups, surveys, interviews
  • Recruit and assist interviewing/hiring bilingual job candidates
  • Distribution of information through messaging campaigns
  • Exploration of community trusted co-branded partnership