PASOs Health Connections

PASOs Community Health Workers (CHWs) work closely with all members within Latino households (men, women, and children) in a variety of settings such as clinics and community-based locations to connect them with health and other needed services.

CHWs also help individuals to address social or environmental factors which include connection to primary care, nutritional and social supports (Medicaid, SNAP, WIC etc).

In addition to individual help, PASOs works to improve access to culturally appropriate resources by partnering with local agencies and coalitions. PASOs’ CHWs engage in outreach and leadership training to increase local capacity to address the community’s needs and build on their strengths.

Why is it important?
  • CHWs can improve the quality of care given to the Latino patients/clients of a health system, clinic or community organization.
  • Clinical care only constitutes 20-25% of health wellness the remainder is related to social and environmental factors. This program aims to alleviate these other pressures.
This program is offered in:
  • Midlands
  • Greenville Area
  • Low Country
  • Tri County Area
  • Spartanburg